Orsat Ligorio, PhD PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade. Orsat loves doing Indo-Iranian (particularly Avestan), Greek, and Phrygian, and, when not doing linguistics, enjoys science illustration, horror stories, and a good game of chess.

Danilo Savić, MA, PhD student at the University of Belgrade and the École Pratique des Hautes Études, and junior researcher at the Institute for Balkan Studies in Belgrade. Danilo’s main focus are the languages and epigraphy of ancient Italy and Illyricum, with particular fondness for Oscan and Messapic. His current research deals with the origins of Messapic and the traces of Palaeo-Balkan languages in Italy.

Aljoša Milenković, MA, PhD Student at Harvard University. Aljoša holds a BA in Serbian from the University of Belgrade where he is en route of obtaining his MA degree in Linguistics. He is also an incoming graduate student of Linguistic Theory at Harvard University. Aljoša specializes in phonological theory and Balto-Slavic historical linguistics. He is currently focussing on prosodic theory, feature geometry, and phonological opacity, and intends to conduct a series of research projects aiming to investigate the acoustic cues to prosodic structure.

Isidora Tolić, MA, PhD Student and Teaching Assitant at the University of Belgrade. Isidora likes to explore literary sources relevant to the study of religions in antiquity. She is forever fascinated with Mithraism and all things related to Porphyry of Tyre. When not working, Isidora enjoys dipping her toes in recreational Sanskrit and playing video games.

Aleksa Krivošija, BA Student at the University of Belgrade.  Aleksa is interested in Indo-European comparative linguistics and mythology, especially Germanic and Slavic; he is focused on bringing linguistics and philology out of the academic ivory tower and educating the public about their importance in contact with other disciplines.